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Unique Shell Resin Pendants

Unique Shell Resin Pendants

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These resin shell pendants are made with shells and other tidal treasures that I have collected on my adventures around New Zealand. I only take what I need with respect for nature and the environment, this is important to me. This is why I have decided to only make small pendants so my creations will require a small number of natural resources.

Due to the unique nature of this jewellery piece I can only make one of each kind. These are one-off pendants or as you could also say IndiePendants ;)

Please message me if there is a particular design you like but would like to personalise it for your order. Always happy to custom make creations.

The pendants are made with high quality UV resin please refer to the Jewellery Care info here for tips on how to maintain your jewellery pieces.

Jewellery Care

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