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Puzzle Earrings

Puzzle Earrings

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These puzzle earrings are handmade and they are a fun and quirky addition to an outfit.  You may have realised both earrings are different this wasn't the original design although I thought it was very fitting as now both pieces can join. You could say it was the missing piece to the puzzle hahah...

I use 18 gauge non-tarnish wire to make these, with sterling silver earring hooks. Due to the nature of handmade items please be mindful that there might be some slight variations each order will be .

I thought it would be a good idea to add puzzle pieces to my photoshoot and in all honestly, it just made it so much harder to capture nice photos as the camera would go out of focus all the time. Or I just spent way too much time placing each puzzle piece. I went for the creative method instead of the productive one. Also, I realised my light setting was set to a warm colour which is why the photos have a warm tinge. I'll eventually retake the photos sometime in the future when it becomes a priority. 

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