Talent Trade with StickerDot

Talent Trade with StickerDot

I'm proud to announce that my packaging is officially all eco friendly ♻️ including a personally wax sealed and handwritten letter with every order. This is a huge IndiePendants achievement and is really important to me as I'm thriving to make a positive impact on the environment 🌏 and help reduce waste. My values are reduce, reuse, upcycle wherever and with whatever I can. Unfortunately I still don't have any christmas orders to use this packaging 😅 but that's okay I've got heaps of other creative projects I'm working on 🤫 and I'm making heaps of new stock for next year. I've been making spoon rings all day my hands literally have blisters 🖐

So stoked to have done a collab with StickerDot they were able to provide sustainable and eco friendly custom paper stickers for my packaging.

IndiePendants Eco friendly Packaging

  Eco friendly Stickers



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