Talent Trade with @bezajel

Talent Trade with @bezajel

I met @bezajel at my first craft market since covid, so it had been a longtime and I truly missed markets. There is something so special being surrounded by other creators. Sarah is incredibly talented and I loved her art, straight away from the very beginning of the market I fell in love with this very sunflower painting. I also consider myself to be a sunflower sometimes :)

We talent traded this painting for one of my feather cyanotype prints. Now we each have a piece of each others art which is pretty awesome. Thanks for the talent trade Sarah <3

Sarah's message "I do art as a way to build a closer connection to what I’m drawing or painting (or drawing and painting with), especially the natural world - plants, animals, pigments."

Sarah also has an online store where you can support her sarahoverdale.com




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cyanotype exchange


  Here is my cyanotype creation that I traded for the sunflower painting :)

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